I was born in Humble, TX, and spent my first 30 years living and working in and around the Greater Houston, TX area until 2019, when I moved to Northwest Arkansas to pursue a slower-paced life and attend graduate school. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from the University of Houston in 2014 and am currently in the final semester of the Master of Art Education program at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR. I am a multi-modal artist and art facilitator. My approach to art is to use various mediums such as sculpture, photography, sound, video, lo-fi media, performance art vignettes, abstract parables, and critical pedagogy to build and explore shared worlds. By exploring the depths of our shared experiences, the differences, and the spaces between us, we can bring ourselves closer to one another. My art and teaching practices focus on how art, wonder, and community can contribute to a better collective quality of life. I have great reverence and gratitude for everyday organizers, rebel folks, craftspeople, artists, and artisans who teach us to see possibilities in seemingly barren places. I’m working to shape my practice in their image. 

In the studio, I use sculpture, photography, video, social practice, performance art vignettes, and lo-fi media to collage little poetic allegories that dig around in the wispy, elusive parts of living and memory. I always examine the artist's role in the dynamic facilitation of shared reality. I invite the collective into constructed psychological spaces, moments, and memories to chase the fuzzy little threads that tie the individual's experience to the collective whole's experience. People relate to art meaningfully if it is identifiable as relative to them or comes from a part of them or their lived history. Art that stirs what we know in our hearts cultivates connection and understanding.