I am a multi-media artist. I work using mercurial and abstract folk materials, theatrical vignettes, photography, video, social practice, and sculpture. Out of necessity, much of my work has taken shape by way of borrowed, bartered, or found materials. Incorporating the use of unconventional materials, found objects, secondhand stuff, and “trash” can be critical to relieving the financial burden that an art practice places on artists and the burden it places on the environment. Creative reuse is  a necessary and innovative skill set that can also extend to other areas of our lives. My teaching is centered around providing the skill and research scaffolding that people might use to find their own ways to create that will fit their individual goals and resources. I have great reverence and gratitude for everyday rebel folks, craftspeople, artists, and artisans who teach us to see possibilities in seemingly barren places. I build my curricular interventions around the values of innovation and seeing potential in everything we touch. Sharing our knowledge of possibilities with each other is a meaningful way to build community.